We are Excited About Saturday!

We are more than halfway through the “Farmers Market” season in Omaha.  Between the Midtown Crossing Saturday Markets, the Old Market Farmers Markets and an occasional Aksarben Farmers Market on Sunday (when they have room for us!), our weekends have been busy!  My sister-in-law, Bert, and I rotate the circuit to keep our attendance as a vendor from getting stale… Always try to update the look of our display and our merchandise.  Bert has been creating some wonderful jewelry items and I keep the kiln going (in the garage, thank goodness!) Colorful and innovative, we love how the merchandise looks and cannot wait til the next firing to see how it all comes out.  I have been broadening my horizons on creating unique & functional home decor items. 

There is nothing quite like being a ceramic artist.  The anticipation of how the glazes will play with one another at high temperatures literally keeps us testing our patience, but it is well worth it when we see the final results!  We start with that messy lump of sticky clay, roll it out on the slab roller, cut it, dry it, fire it, glaze it, fire it again… Voila!  Beautiful colors—endless possibilities.


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