Saturday 7/31/2010

If there is anyone out there interested in visiting us at Art Friends Omaha art store this coming weekend, we would love to have you come!  There are 8 Nebraska artists that we have selected to be a part of our wonderful store!  My sister-in-law and I  have handmade earthenware clay home decor and jewelry, but there is much more… We have two photographers, one of which does color photos of flowers and dogs.  The other photographer does the architectural letter photos that spell out names, etc on frames.  We also have an infant clothing/accessory seamstress that has used the most beautiful fabrics to make bibs, burp cloths and many more baby items.  Another seamstress makes dog scarves in 4 different sizes along with carving gourds.  One artist makes handpainted jewelry and purses… the list goes on!! Our store is at 14738 Grover Street in Omaha.  Look at my contact info on my blog home page if you have questions!  Come and visit us this weekend.  You will be pleasantly surprised at our selections.


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