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There are few things more beautiful than a fresh bouquet of zinnias.  I found this at the Florence Farmers Market this morning.  A wise person once told me that we become more grateful if we just take 2 minutes each day to marvel at what nature provides to us.  This is a great example of one of those beautiful things to admire from nature.

I met the woman that organizes this Sunday Farmers Market today and plan to joint the other vendors for future shows this season.  I will post which Sundays we choose as we will likely select just 3 since we are quite busy leaping from market-to-market every weekend.  The Farmers Market season ends at the end of September. Traffic seemed good for such a warm day and the atmosphere was wonderful!  I was proud of myself for choosing to buy the zinnias over a fresh piece of peach cobbler.  That is not to say that I will have a piece of the cobbler on a future Sunday.  Will power just lasts so long…


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