Dundee Day 8/28

It was a long, hot day in Dundee yesterday.  We displayed our handmade clay items on the South side of Underwood Near Pitch Pizza.  (I will be going back to Pitch Pizza for a meal, but today, it was business…) Sales were pretty good, but the most disappointing part of the day was when a gust of wind toppled over my new display of clay initial plaques.  Actually, the tarp we hung up on the south side of the booth was pushed into the display by a gust of wind (and I mean GUST).  It would not have been so bad, but that display held creations that I had worked on for most of the preceding week!!  Half of the plaques were destoyed by hitting the pavement, so I am now missing half of the alphabet.  Some luckily stayed on the table.  (NOTE TO SELF: Need to buy more clamps that will hold my nice wood clay initial displays onto the table in case of a strong wind.)  In the literally hundreds of outdoor shows I have done over the years, this is the worst sacrifice I have made due to the weather.   Back to the drawing board this week!  Next shows are 9/4 at Midtown Crossing and 9/5 at Florence Mill.  More blogging info to come on Thursday.  Have a great week!!


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