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“Craft” Gets Bad Rap

The dictionary defines craft as:  “To make with skill, artistry, or precision.”  I, for one, am proud to call myself a crafts person, as well as an artist.  The word “craft” has been given an undeserving “bad rap”  in my opinion.  Especially this time of the year with the Craft Fairs happening.  Some put themselves in the “crafter” category by gluing a bow on some purchased item.  Or maybe grandma still crochets the top of a kitchen towel and sells her handiwork at the local craft fair.  That is ok — but this is partially why “craft” has a bad connotation.  Remember the “To make with skill, artistry, or precision” definition of craft.  It is undoubedly part of the “ART” category.  We may not spend hours-on-end finishing one piece of art, but working with clay is artistry at its best.  Thanks for reading… Have a great week.


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