Here is our new clay cat beside a vintage jar with our handformed clay lid.  Lots of jars and bottles coming!  We are in the process of cutting down recycled wine bottles and making clay lids for them.  They can be used to store tea bags, candy, cotton balls or Q-tips or… your can come up with your own ideas. 

You may be visiting this blog after following my email that I sent out to Creative Clay Cafe customers.  Come see all kinds of merchandise at our new retail home!  We are at The Cottage Door – 12037 Blondo Street in Omaha.   It is very exciting that we found a new home that offers so much to customers.  I met members of the store at a home boutique in early December and found that they may have a space for my clay work.  Then, after visiting the store, I knew it would be a great venue.  Thank goodness they intived me to join them and their talented and creative staff.  The store is a coop made up of about a dozen different members.  Everyone has something different and unique to offer.  More posts to come about The Cottage Door!!


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