Today’s Show at St Wenceslaus

Today, I had a show with my clay items at St Wenceslaus Church / School.  It seemed fitting to participate for several reasons.  One, I signed up… (no brainer there…) But secondly, it was just a little personal tribute of sorts to my mother who passed away this last Wednesday.  She used to come with me to these shows and was so happy about helping me out.  We would go early Saturday mornings to the craft shows and she would always pack a lunch so that we would have a noon meal all ready to eat.  It usually consisted of her great tuna salad as a sandwich along with a little baggie of her famous dill pickles and another with some potato chips all carefully tucked into a brown paper sack complete with a folded napkin — kind of like what she used to make for me as a “cold lunch” in elementary school.  I missed that today. 

I missed her company and thought about her a lot today, although it had been years since we had done one of these little craft shows.  She was always eager to help me out and was so supportive of my art work.  I will miss her always.  Thanks, mom.


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