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I’ll bet you thought I meant anticipation! No, this is articipation. It is the excited feeling that a potter gets when they have their kiln loaded and running with new glazes – or new projects… Our patience is really tested here— not only does the kiln have to run the heating cycle (maybe up to 8 or 10 hours) but then it has to cool down enough so that it can be opened (another 10 hours). I have been through this so many times, but that feeling doesn’t ever fade! Now, I cannot wait until I get home from my “day job” tomorrow so that I can open the kiln and see what these newly fired objects look like!!!  Now — you can’t wait either, huh? Come visit us this coming Saturday, June 4th at Midtown Crossing in Omaha.  It is the outdoor market from 9am-noon and features local artwork as well as fresh farmers market produce.  (Located in Turner Park just south of 31st Ave & Dodge Street)


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