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Clay with Vintage Glass

This is indeed, one of a kind! One of our handmade clay dishes with a delicate lace imprint — glazed and adhered onto a vintage candle holder piece. This one is featured for sale on our Etsy store.



2 Responses

  1. hi,
    love the way you have combined the 2 materials. Can you advice me on any books/websites for info on combining different materials?


    • Thanks for the comment on my post. I have nothing for your to reference, but if you have any resources for old glassware and can get a clay dish to attach to the top, the possibilities are endless. The glass and the ceramics are very complimentary to one another… It is also fun layering the pieces — with perhaps a short shot glass in between for a two-tiered piece. Great to display chocolates or keep jewelry on your dresser.

      Happy creating!

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