Handmade on Charles Street – Show MAY 11th & 12th!

HANDMADE ON CHARLES STREET will include unique handmade art and craft items made by local artists… but there’s more! We will be sampling instant coffee (single-cup) mixes that can also be purchased for $1.25 a package. I have baked some quick breads to sample and sell, as well.
Yummitummi Gourmet will be providing samples of their delicious dip and bread mixes! Visit their website for more information: Yummitummi Website.

RAFFLE NEWS! A few area businesses will be providing gift certificates or merchandise so that those visiting our show can purchase a chance to win a Raffle Prize! Chances sell for 50ç each and proceeds will go to Iowa School for the Deaf. As a deaf education major, my daughter, Kim, will be helping out at the show mixing up the delicious coffee drink samples and selling the raffle chances.

Next week, we will post a map of how to get to Handmade on Charles Street. The show is coming up May 11th & 12th — Friday hours are 11-7 and Saturday 9-4 at 7746 Charles Street in Omaha.
Special Note: We have added another artist that makes handmade greeting cards, so we would like to welcome Carrol to the group of participating artists which makes us a full DOZEN!


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