Clay Birds with Enameled Copper Wings

HAPPY 100th POST! This is part of the clay production from last Monday of which I showed the raw clay stage on my last post. I have not yet decided how I will offer these little guys on my ETSY store. They will either be on a galvanized steel rod to stick in a plant, or maybe on a clay stand with same type of galvanized rod and last, I may just make them for hanging on the wall.

I had the bird cutter which cuts the bird out of my earthenware clay slab. I textured the tails slightly with handmade clay stamps (I probably guess I have hundreds of various ones on hand by now). The birdies were fired, glazed and fired again. Then I hand-cut some 22 gauge copper sheet into wing forms— no two will be alike 🙂 The little wings were torch-fired to melt designs and various colors onto the copper. I have coordinating colors in both the ceramic glazes and the enameling powders.

Later this week, I will post the business card holders I also made last week. They still need to be assembled… one detail for assembly is still rattling around in my brain, so as soon as it is decided, the photos will be on this blog.


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations 100 posts wow I’m terribly impressed, loving the birds 🙂 some folks talents never cease to amaze me and your one of them

    • Thanks for your kind words. Your bags on Etsy are quite nice! Good luck with your new shop there! I am still trying to drive traffic to my Etsy shop and load it up with items. Happy 2014!

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