Clay Monday – More for the Clay Cafe Smorgasbord

Hanging Projects: Domed Circles, Flowers & Magnetic Vase Pouches

Hanging Projects: Domed Circles, Flowers & Magnetic Vase Pouches

Mondays are turning out to be very productive after a busy weekend of tax prep. (Only about an hour of that left to do, thank goodness!)
I love using Sunday night to make my production list for Monday and then digging into the clay. I know what it will do when drying and the key is keep the thickness as consistent as possible as this prevents warpage during the drying process. The trick is to dry the pieces uniformly and not too quickly.
These clay flowers are really going to bloom with color. I have added more texture to the centers so that the middle with be the focal point. I may keep the petal areas white or gray. I have several circle cutter sizes, so the domed circles will be able to hang up and add a touch of handmade to someone’s wall grouping. The clay pouches will be glazed inside and out to be a vase for those sweet little blossoms in the yard once spring is in bloom. I will probably attach a magnet to the back for the fridge or metal cabinet.

Finished examples of some of these will be next Monday after my tax appointment. That will be a treat to have paperwork for 2013 finished. I really have to learn to put other projects on hold and keep the books as the year progresses… NOT. If I haven’t done it by now, it’s not that important. I would rather work on the art projects during the year. Early in the year with the weather so cold, paperwork has its turn.

Have a great week! Now, off to torch some enamel. Today, copper tubing. We’ll see what I come up with on my jewelry blog: Torched Fusion.


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