Back to the drawing board…

So I learned a few things about this copper clay… And since I am new at it, my first weekend of experiments were just that, a LEARNING experience. Since the uniting of my clay and the copper clay just left them in need of a lot of filing (with a good thick coat of fire scale, I decided to try the torch. Mind you, I don’t have a butane torch yet, but what the heck… 


The bead on the left shows the top has lots of fire scale on the top 1/3. It is a test bead, so nothing too exciting. The torched pieces on the right have potential. The details will show up nicely once I get this temperature thing down. I got some clay production done this afternoon (my “feel good” place since I know what I am doing)  BUT… I won’t give up on the copper stuff. Maybe by next week, I will have more exciting news and examples to show you.

Have a good week!



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