Heating Up with Summer Art

My kiln and torch have been heating up this summer, just like the midwest weather. This week will be in the 90’s! I had an outdoor show in Lincoln this past Saturday. I had an umbrella up over my table which didn’t cover me the whole time. My neck and shoulders are a little pink and tender as they had a little too much sun. It’s not all that bad, though.

Back to the torching and kiln firing… Yesterday, I torched my first pairs of what will end up post earrings. I just love the dangle ones so much, I hadn’t thought about enameled post pairs. As soon as they are assembled and carded, I will post a photo.

I have another new project with my clay that I am so excited to offer to my customers. I am making oil dipping dishes with a raised area in the center for grating a bit of fresh garlic. I went to a local oil & vinegar shop and purchased some olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The quality is so very good. I picked up a 3-pack of oils for a friend who will be getting married later this month. I will send her a set of 4 dipping plates and the oil gift set. I also purchased a bottle of oil to use at my summer farmers markets that I will be attending as a vendor. Customers can see how the dishes work and sample some of the great oil (and garlic) during the show.
Happy Monday!!


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