About the ARTIST

Let me just start by saying that for as long as I can remember, I have been interested in “making things.”  My doll collection went to my younger cousin, whom I had only met on a couple of occasions.  When I think back on all of those clothes that I made for my trolls and Barbies… ugh!… the TIME I SPENT making those cozy cigar-box beds…Let’s hope she had fun with them… But I really am over it.  I guess.  Early on, I tried to make a potter’s wheel from my 45rpm record player.  That did not end well.  And pla-dough isn’t really clay, either. 

Nowadays, I spend my time “making things” (and I mean lots of things) from earthenware clay.  It lets my creativity evolve and it turns out, is therapeutic, too.  Artists know this.  We can lose ourselves in our work and can learn to tolerate those nights that keep us awake thinking about our next project color or design.  A blessing AND a curse!   The most amazing creations come out of those sleepless nights.  Now you know a little bit about me..and what is known as Creative Clay Cafe.

I have been torching up a storm. Enameling copper and making jewelry! visit torchedfusion.wordpress.com and take a look… Thanks for visiting!


3 Responses

  1. If you are ever interested in having a fused glass artist, feel free to contact me for future shows.

  2. Are you open for buisness anytime? Interested in Nebraska ornament

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