About the ARTIST

Artist Deb Miller began her ceramics business journey in 1988. Prior to that, she spent years making things by hand, but decided to take the plunge into the art world as an entrepreneur and open a business.

After years of participating in art shows as a vendor, Deb developed a wholesale line and was represented from 1996 through 2003 by a sales rep at the Minneapolis Gift Mart. During that time, Clay Impressions (the wholesale business name) connected with over 400 gift shops across the country.

Now, Creative Clay Cafe focuses on local arts shows but has established wholesale and consignment connections with many gift shops in the midwest. Deb’s goal is to grow her wholesale line in 2019 and beyond and connect with many other gift shops and boutiques to offer unique, affordable and quality ceramic art. Currently, those with a storefront can access Creative Clay Cafe’s wholesale line. If you wish to view the products before registering to purchase, you can see the items here:  CreativeClayCafe My artist number is 97912

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