Thanks for coming!! Handmade on Charles Street

photo-2Thanks for braving the elements and helping make our Second Annual Handmade on Charles Street a success! We moved the show indoors and invited customers to join us for browsing, buying, eating and visiting… Now onto the warmer weather…FINALLY!!

I will have my clay items and also enameled copper earrings (see Torched Fusion) at

    Antique Picks and Crafty Chicks

held this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 180th and Military Road in Bennington.

Have a great Mother’s Day weekend!


Clay Houses & Plaques…Great Garden & Plant Decor

Remember the little clay houses in previous post?

Remember the little clay houses in previous post?

If the little clay houses look familiar to you, they should! They have now been added to the top of a galvanized rod and can be used as plant or garden decor (indoor or outdoor… weather won’t damage these little beauties) Also in the picture are clay plaques accented with a clay dome or bead, also handmade by me. (FYI: $5 each for either style of plant stick!)
Interested?? You will find these and more at HANDMADE ON CHARLES STREET coming up May 3rd & 4th in Omaha. I am hosting this show for the second year as a spring home boutique. Learn more about the show and other upcoming local shows at this link:

Stop by Friday, May 3 —11-7 or Saturday, May 4 —9-4. Lots of handmade art & crafts made by local artists.

Handmade on Charles Street – Baked Quick Bread for Sale, too!

Freshly Baked Applesauce Cinnamon BreadYummmmm!!! It smells wonderful in my kitchen this afternoon! Not only have I been “baking” handmade clay items in my kiln, but I baked Applesauce Cinnamon bread today. More baking to come for HANDMADE ON CHARLES STREET May 3rd & 4th.

Quick breads will be for sale: Poppyseed Almond, Applesauce Cinnamon, Banana & Cinnamon

WHERE: 7746 Charles Street, Omaha
WHEN: May 3 (Friday 11-7) May 4 (Saturday 9-4)

Assembly of Glass & Clay for Solar Lights

Solar Light "totem" project

Solar Light “totem” project

A variety of clay, glass and china have been assembled and are ready for the addition of the solar light component! These will be for the patio or garden and cast the lovliest light…believe it or not…all year long! I have some that I assembled last summer and I purposely left them out all winter. They still light up and although they may need a new AA Battery, I am so happy to see they are still very functional.

I marked each of the newly assembled “totems” with a sign for which solar light will be attached to the top. These are going to be available at HANDMADE on CHARLES STREET which is my yearly home show that will take place May 3 & 4 at 7746 Charles Street. Visit FRIENDS BY DESIGN blog for more specific show information.

More photos as the show gets closer. Come by if you can!! 10 artists participating…

More Spring Sprucing… Handmade Clay Plant / Garden Decor

Spring Spruce-up items.. Find these and more at Handmade on Charles Street!

Spring Spruce-up items.. Find these and more at Handmade on Charles Street!

Our post March 29th at Friends by Design will show features by three artists that will have handmade items to make your home and yard feel like spring has finally arrived! Whew! I thought Spring would never get here.


May 3 & 4th, 2013

Torch Enameling – My First Try…

…So I sold my old giant workhorse kiln with the idea that I would use those funds to begin a new adventure. Copper enameling!! (I still have my baby kiln, no worries…) Fired up the torch today and fired some enamel powder onto some copper. This is a “process.” you might say, but it sure is fun to see instant results. Unlike testing my patience waiting to open a kiln that has taken hours to fire…

Embellishment will not be a problem. I have sooooo many beads that I have collected over the years. Some are a part of both of these pendants.

My May home show will have some of these and also lovely jewelry selections from other artists. More posts to come!