Studio Facelift 2015 Organization: Phase One

It doesn’t look like much to you, but I did accomplished Phase 1 of my art studio organization today!
I feel particularly good because I know what I have for jewelry assembly inventory and enameling supplies. I even hung up my original business sign from 1988 – “Creations From the Heart.” I will likely treat myself to some enameling this coming Friday. It’s my birthday, after all, and I deserve it!
I will spend next weekend getting as much done as I can on the clay side of my studio. That will be a challenge! My goal is to get rid of a lot of things I have not used (or even looked at) for at least 5 years. The problem is, as soon as I get rid of it, I will wonder where it is because I need it… (That is a lame excuse, isn’t it?…) Time to purge and be more efficient! I look forward to it and it always feels great when it’s time to begin production again for my May home show and my studio feels fresh. I usually get started on production at the end of January… after organizing tax paperwork. So much to do!

Have a great week and stay warm!


Welcoming 2015 with a Studio Facelift

I am a believer in “planners.” I always purchase one at the beginning of the year and fill in the weeks with lists of what needs to get done. It works so well for me because I LOVE crossing off the things that get done. (I know there are more of you out there that do this, too!) Anyway, the next two weekends will involve purging my studio of unwanted items that have been around way too long. I feel that “throw away / give away” sense at the beginning of every new year, so I need to jump on it when I can.

Photos before and after will come soon. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Summer is in Bloom… and so is my studio!

Garden Flowers
I’ve been busy with new clay projects for my fall shows! Also, I have been working on some items to offer stores on a wholesale level. Both firing clay in my kiln and torching the copper jewelry have heated things up at my house… just like the weather!!

Photos should be posted by mid-August if all goes well and my plan is to have a cart for online purchases… just not sure if this blog will support that or not. If not, any eager shopper will be able to search and buy with a few clicks of the mouse to a creativeclaycafe online store.

But first things first…producing with vivid glaze and enamel colors…just like these zinnias I picked today in our backyard garden! I also transplanted some “silver dollar plants” I started from seed. Fingers are crossed with those little guys. They seem pretty fragile right now. I will keep you “posted.” 🙂

Happy New Year!

Dog New Year Resolutions
I cannot wait for 2013! Lots of new adventures are on the horizon including my first enameling class next Thursday! It’s always exciting to take on a new project during the winter dreariness… I will post something soon that resembles a handmade enamel art piece…at least that is my plan.

Mark your calendars: Handmade on Charles Street is planned for May 3rd and 4th. I hope you can stop by if you are in Omaha!

Another Table Project Complete

I found this table a couple weeks ago at a garage sale and decided to make it my next painting project. So many blogs are featuring furniture re-creations… I have a whole new respect for those that do these on a regular basis! Sand-prime-design-tape-paint-paint some more–and likely a coat or two of polyurethane is now needed for the top!! I do like the final results, but it’s back to clay for me and time to gear up for those fall craft shows we all love so much… Stay tuned.

Finally… Table for Patio Finished!

Table – After (see “before” photo in our May blog post)

“After” square table for the patio. Free-hand trees are not my strongest suit, but for us in the back yard, I am happy. Found one of the paint colors at a very reduced price (.75!) at the Re-Store. It is a place to purchase inexpensive DIY project materials. (I suggest you have some idea of what you are going there for, or it can be somewhat disappointing.) Second location is set to open mid-August in Omaha on 108th & Maple. Proceeds go to raise funding for Habitat for Humanity.
I’m pretty sure fall was on my mind while I decided what to paint on this and in the selection of color. It’s been brutally hot outside! I imagine coffee on the patio sitting next to this table when things cool down.

DIY Solar Light Project

Simple Solar Project

This is a super simple and inexpensive garden or walkway project. I used an empty wine bottle for the base to slide onto a square wood dowel (purchased at Lowe’s) and used waterproof adhesive to glue it onto a vintage china plate. The bottle was adhered after first assembling the plate to an old glass candlestick holder (which are both accented in gold). The solar light portion was easily removed from the stick that it came with and the light was glued for a snug fit into the top of the candlestick. The AA battery can still be replaced as needed since it is encased in the top “lid” part of the solar light.

I was amazed at the bright solar light that lit so nicely from this last night! The glass candlestick along with the solar light cast a nice design onto the dish, porch & sidewalk. I now have one on each side of my porch. Love these!!