Thanks for Coming!

Our first year show this past weekend under our backyard pergola was a great success! The 12 participants for Handmade on Charles Street would like to thank you for your support. The weather cooperated and the word was out because we had a great turnout on both Friday and Saturday. After we’ve had a chance to put our feet up and rest a bit, we will begin thinking about what to add for next year, but it is already planned for May, 2013. Thanks, again!


Handmade on Charles Street – Google Map!

Indoor/Outdoor handmade clay flowers

Handmade on Charles Street is almost here! It is this coming Friday (May 11 from 11am-7pm) & Saturday (May 12 from 9am-4pm) We will have GREEN SIGNS on nearby streets to help you find your way in addition to the link below that will provide you with a street map.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW Omaha Street MAP for directions to our show:
All of the artists look forward to having you come by! Don’t forget we will have raffle chances for 50¢ each to benefit Iowa School for the Deaf, coffee sampling as well as dip and bread samples.

Handmade on Charles Street – Show MAY 11th & 12th!

HANDMADE ON CHARLES STREET will include unique handmade art and craft items made by local artists… but there’s more! We will be sampling instant coffee (single-cup) mixes that can also be purchased for $1.25 a package. I have baked some quick breads to sample and sell, as well.
Yummitummi Gourmet will be providing samples of their delicious dip and bread mixes! Visit their website for more information: Yummitummi Website.

RAFFLE NEWS! A few area businesses will be providing gift certificates or merchandise so that those visiting our show can purchase a chance to win a Raffle Prize! Chances sell for 50ç each and proceeds will go to Iowa School for the Deaf. As a deaf education major, my daughter, Kim, will be helping out at the show mixing up the delicious coffee drink samples and selling the raffle chances.

Next week, we will post a map of how to get to Handmade on Charles Street. The show is coming up May 11th & 12th — Friday hours are 11-7 and Saturday 9-4 at 7746 Charles Street in Omaha.
Special Note: We have added another artist that makes handmade greeting cards, so we would like to welcome Carrol to the group of participating artists which makes us a full DOZEN!

Another Sneak Peek: Handmade on Charles Street – MAY SHOW UPDATE


    Phyllis lives in Lincoln and has been a fellow participant with me in the Annual Picket Fence Boutique in October in Omaha for a number of years. She has an eye great for arranging her floral creations with talent and flair in both color and design. Look for a nice assortment of wreaths and decorative silk floral arrangements at our show.
    PHOTO #2:

      You may have seen Janice at one of the local arts & crafts fairs. She combines a unique and colorful combination of glassware to create eye-catching garden flowers. Her assorted flowers will be a welcome addition to our yard and garden art selections for yourself or someone you love. These flowers will be enjoyed for years to come!
      PHOTO #3:

        Janet makes natural handmade soaps in the purest tradition of soap-making. The Prairie Barn Soaps are made with marvelous top-quality oils and infinitely rich soap compounds in a variety of soft flower, herb, fruit and earthy fragrances. For more information on Prairie Barn Soaps, visit the Prairie Barn Website.
        PHOTO #4:

Handmade on Charles Street – CLAY BUTTONS

These handmade clay buttons will be available at our May Home Show on May 11th & 12th. We will be offering our handmade clay buttons for $1 each. This is a special offer that we are extending to all of you creative types that are looking for a little extra “something” to add to your own handmade projects. We do have quite a few on hand, so stop by and check it out! Next week, our post will feature our floral artist, handmade soaps and another sneak peek at more garden art!

Handmade on Charles Street May 11th & 12th – 7746 Charles Street – Omaha – Friday 11-7 and Saturday 9-4. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind show with all things handmade.

Glass Vase with Clay Pendant – for May Home Show!

Clay Pendant is on Ribbon and can be worn as a Necklace

These flower vases have been part of our collection and are now adorned with one of our handmade clay “pendants” that can be left on the vase or worn as a necklace! (We have a good supply on hand with a variety of patterns.) I have drawn on our bisque pieces in floral patterns using permanent markers and then coated them with a water-resistant medium.
These will be for sale at our May Home Show and will sell quickly at $5 each (vase and all!). Visit our show May 11 and 12th. Handmade on Charles Street – 7746 Charles Street. Hours posted on right side of this blog. Thanks for visiting and Happy Easter!

Sneak Peek: Fabric Artists for HANDMADE on CHARLES ST


PHOTO 1: These Handmade Braided Coasters are a colorful handmade accent to any room. My Aunt Elinor can be viewed as an inspiration to all of us. She is still busy sewing and will turn 98 on May 3rd! When she told me she wanted to help at our May show, I was thrilled, but when she offered to also sew some of her handmade jewels, I was even more excited! These braided fabric gems will last for years to come and are top quality, as my dear aunt has an incredible eye for detail and always takes the time to do it right.

PHOTO 2: Lil (my talented seamstress sister) made these lovely Handmade Accent Pillows from pieces of decorator fabric. Some are accented with one of my handmade clay buttons and some are “buttonless.” Either way, these pillows are a great colorful addition to your home decor. In the past, Lil has made beautiful bridal and attendant gowns. I am pretty sure my wedding dress was one of her first ones— 33 years ago May 4th!

PHOTO 3: Liz Ferguson makes gorgeous handmade purses, bags, Ipad/Kindle/Nook cases, clutch purses and more! Her fabric color selection and pattern combinations are outstanding. You can visit her Etsy store to view a good selecion of more of her handmade work. Click here to visit: Liz’s Store. We will have a nice variety of many of her items on hand at our show in May, so be sure to stop by. (Photos don’t do them justice!)

PHOTO 4: Pat Babb upcycles carefully selected tshirts and makes them into necklaces. She will also have some handmade fabric floral clips that can be worn with the necklaces for a nice little addition to the scarf necklace. (clips are not pictured, but trust me, they are cute as can be!) Pat donates proceeds from the sales of her fabric items to support a worldwide soccer organization known as the Mission Ball.

These four creative ladies are a few of the participating artists for our May Home Show: HANDMADE ON CHARLES STREET May 11 & 12! Details on hours and location are in the right side of this blog.
NEXT POST for our email list April 22: Handmade Soaps, Floral and MORE Garden Art!