Wholesale Line Coming Soon

Now that I have had an online shop for awhile at Amazon Handmade and regular activity on Instagram and Facebook  I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to existing and potential shops with WHOLESALE buying information. I will be posting photos and other information. From 1996 through 2003, I had a sales rep in Minnesota, so it’s been awhile since I’ve ramped up selling on a wholesale level, but I’m very excited to connect with shops and provide unique gift items to their customers! I plan to have LOTS of dishes, magnets and ornaments with state-shaped stamps (that I’ve made myself). So far, I’ve done Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and Alabama, but I’ll be adding Georgia, New York, and Illinois soon.

I use texture from the patterns of vintage glassware from my personal collection to imprint the clay. Some texture is also from stamps that I’ve made myself (like the dragonflies in the photo below). No two are ever exactly alike. Stay tuned for more photos and information!