Lavender Sachet Pillows for October Picket Fence Boutique

Sachet Pillows measure 8"x10"

Sachet Pillows measure 8″x10″

I still need to stitch these little cat pillows closed. I will have about a dozen of these ready for Picket Fence Boutique October 6, 7 & 8 in Omaha. They have pillow stuffing, but inside of each one, I have a lavender sachet (rice and essential oil) tucked inside. They smell great. Lavender is known for its calming scent. These would be great on a shelf, near an air vent or even in the car. If it is in a warm spot, the scent will come out nicely. Once the scent fades over time, the handmade pillow is still cute as can be. I hand illustrated each one…giraffes, cats, raccoons, bears and used vintage linen as my canvas. The backs are coordinating upholstery fabric.

Something different — not made of clay!
I may spruce them up with some type of button. What do you think?

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Our next show is Picket Fence Boutique this coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Among our handmade pieces are handmade clay dishes that can sit by the sink or on your dresser to hold our handmade lotion bars. These bars are made of beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil and premium fragrance oils. They can sit out and remain a solid lotion bar until you rub them on. They melt on contact with your skin and are great for anyone!

We will also have enameled copper jewelry. Visit our blog: Torched Fusion to see more on our jewelry. We will also have other clay items including ornaments, magnets, plaques, domed serving dishes, jewelry stands and more!

To see more about Picket Fence Boutique, visit this BLOG: Friends by Design. You will find the location and show hours for Picket Fence Boutique at that blog site.

Don’t miss it!

New Clay Projects Underway for Fall!

collanders & jewelry dishes

collanders & jewelry dishes

I have been working on some new items lately and here are the drying pieces I just made Tuesday… Six-inch colanders (for your scrubbie by the sink, a soap dish or a snack dish for those freshly washed berries!) and also some examples of two-piece jewelry dishes– will be “stacked” with a shot-glass in between so that rings are on the top dish and other jewelry items on the larger lower plate. I will post glazed photos once these are fired, glazed then fired a second time and assembled.

These are brand new and my own designs, so we can both look forward to the finished product together! These will be available at my fall shows!

For new enameled earrings just completed this week, visit my Torched Fusion Blog!

Picket Fence Boutique – Creative Clay Cafe Display

Click on Photos for a Closer Look!
Lots to see at Picket Fence Boutique! Here are several pictures of our display for the show this weekend. Thanks for visiting!

Old Jars… New Look

CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR A CLOSER LOOK! I love old glass… including these old jars that remind me of my mother canning her tomatoes and dill pickles. Here is what my “new look” involves… I made clay discs… one for the top of the jar including texture stamps on some around the perimeter. Another smaller piece hangs from some hemp cord just under the lid. Some screw on while others are glued to a large cork that fits into the hollow canning rim lid. Clay was dried, glazed and some are then decoupaged with lovely photos found in magazines. It all seems to work out and they fit the themes that I choose for each one in color and design. Thanks for visiting! These will be available at the fall boutiques that I participate in. See more at friends by design.

Upcycled Jar Project

Canning Jar Project

Here is one of the jars I found on my mother’s canning shelf. (She made the best canned tomatoes and her dill pickles were a family delicacy!… and I have the recipe!)
This pint jar is now decorated with a handmade clay dangle piece attached with hemp and another flat clay piece on top of the jar lid. The top clay piece has a magazine photo mod-podged to it. The jar, itself has some mod-podge work attached to it, as well.
It’s fun going through magazines to find pictures with similar colors and themes.
I’m going to like doing more of these for my fall shows! I look forward to some fall and holiday-themed ones.
Look for these at Picket Fence Boutique, Old Creek Boutique and Log Cabin Boutique this fall!

Picket Fence Boutique Celebrates 30th Year!

Join Jody McArdle and friends as they celebrate the 30th annual Picket Fence Boutique with door prizes and chocolate!
A delightful assortment of unique, handcrafted creations and other Santa-approved merchandise.
OCTOBER  13-14-15

***Hours: Thursday 3pm-8pm, Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-3pm***
8445 Woolworth Ave (2 blocks south of 84th and Pacific)