Cyber Show April 18-26 -buy handmade!

D6D62736-0F3F-44FC-BE47-11B31470DC7EI can’t wait to be a part of this Cyber Show that is featured as an event on Facebook through Handmade Omaha! Handmade Omaha has two shows in Omaha each year and I’ve been a part of them since almost the beginning! The customers are great, the show is well organized and very well attended. This season, well… we have to go the “cyber” route. I will miss the excitement of setting up, the mingling between the makers and most of all, my customers.

Here is where I am right now. You can follow me here, Facebook or Instagram. Maybe all three! The links are below. Each day of the sale, I’ll be posting twice daily some of my work for you to purchase. Once you know your choice, I will invoice you through PayPal. Still working out those details… I do have a shop at Amazon Handmade, but there is some shipping involved there that I can’t bypass for my loyal local peeps.

Please stay tuned here. Or…

Instagram: creativeclaycafe

facebook: creativeclaycafeomaha

Should you have any questions, reach out to me via email:


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Ceramic Air Plant Holders

C97174CC-753C-4D9F-937E-995F9745C03DI’ve been working on rolling out these hanging air plant holders since the new year began. They are available in four satin glaze finishes! There is actually a hexagon hole where the air plant sits in the center so that it sits up nicely. They hang about 12” from top to bottom and the ceramic curved piece is just under 5” wide.

I haven’t added any to my Amazon Handmade store yet, but I just listed them for retailers in my IndieMe store. Visit here:  STORE

Ceramic Eucalyptus Pockets (and a sneak peek at new air plant holders coming soon!)

I’ve been working on more eucalyptus pockets in my stoneware colors. I love that the preserved eucalyptus coordinates with the glaze colors!

The last photo is a “sneak peek” of some new Air Plant Hangers that will be coming up in my INDIEME wholesale store. If you are a wholesale buyer, you can register at IndieMe with no cost to you. (I am artist #97912)

I already have a few eucalyptus pockets listed at my AMAZON HANDMADE store for retail purchasing, too! Let me know what you think of these. They smell like fresh eucalyptus and would look lovely hanging on your wall.

Owls for Twigs – Ready for 2020…

I brought in the New Year making these little owls for an order received through my IndieMe store. They were a popular little item in 2019!
IndieMe is a wholesale platform, so if you are a store, you can register (at no cost) and view my store as well as other stores that are here in the USA and feature handmade items! I have a retail store at Amazon Handmade, but I need to replenish my owls on there.

Here is the link to my store: CreativeClayCafe at IndieMe

Here’s to the best 2020 has to offer, whatever you wish it to be!

I use vintage glassware from my personal collection to texture these little guys. They will hang on wire with a handmade clay bead and I attach a found twig to the bottom through the holes I made.

Eucalyptus Pockets

These handmade wall pockets were just listed to my Amazon Handmade Shop! Here is the link to my store: CREATIVE CLAY CAFE on AMAZON

Just in case you know of a shop that may want to carry my line of handmade clay items, I have a store that they can visit and place an order. Ordering wholesale can be done if you have a retail store and registration can be done at no cost to the buyer. Here is the link:   My INDIEME WHOLESALE STORE

More to come for 2020! I will soon list heart wall pockets with eucalyptus just in time for Valentine’s Day! Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season.

Wholesale Line Coming Soon

Now that I have had an online shop for awhile at Amazon Handmade and regular activity on Instagram and Facebook  I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to existing and potential shops with WHOLESALE buying information. I will be posting photos and other information. From 1996 through 2003, I had a sales rep in Minnesota, so it’s been awhile since I’ve ramped up selling on a wholesale level, but I’m very excited to connect with shops and provide unique gift items to their customers! I plan to have LOTS of dishes, magnets and ornaments with state-shaped stamps (that I’ve made myself). So far, I’ve done Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and Alabama, but I’ll be adding Georgia, New York, and Illinois soon.

I use texture from the patterns of vintage glassware from my personal collection to imprint the clay. Some texture is also from stamps that I’ve made myself (like the dragonflies in the photo below). No two are ever exactly alike. Stay tuned for more photos and information!