A Bit of Self Care

I’ve heard a lot about the concept of “self care” in recent years and finally figured it’s time to put it into practice. A good place to start is with my own artwork. After years of focusing on what I think others might like to purchase from me on line, at art fairs or through wholesale routes, I made a few things for myself… and I liked it.
This has been an amazing years for growing zinnias. They seem to hold up nicely through the heat we’ve had in the midwest in recent months and the first photo shows a wall vase that I have hanging in my bathroom. There’s a ceramic piece at the top that holds a glass tube with hemp cord. I also had fun making some mushrooms to stick into my herb pots. Finally, how about that slab built pitcher with the red underglaze transfer?
This self care thing is awesome.


Photos of Some Available Wholesale Items

CARD TILES (our greeting card alternative) The tiles come in various glaze colors, shapes and textures. $35 assorted dozen

OWL ON A TWIG  4 Earthy Glazes or 4 Light Glazes 4 / $33

SCULPTED GNOME 4 Earthy Glazes available $6.75 each

MINI DISHES DOZEN assorted glazes $40 dozen

4” PLATE Pick Your Glaze $5.25 each

5.5” PLATE Pick Your Glazes $6.50 each

LEAF SHAPED MINI DISH 4 Earthy or 4 Light Glazes 4 / $15

LEAF SHAPED 4” DISH (larger size!) 4 / $24

NOTE CLIPS 4 Round Light Glazes 4 / $18
                      4 Round Flower Design Light Glazes 4 / $18
                      Bird Trio  $15 / Set of 3
                      Square Leaf Trio $15 / Set of 3

Looking Forward to 2022

Follow this blog to see “insider” posts about new items listed in my ETSY available for purchase! I’m so excited for 2022 to arrive so that I can dig into my clay again and roll out some slabs in my newly organized home studio space. After shipping out my last wholesale order for 2021, I’ve been able to spend time cleaning up my work space. (What a job it’s been!) Artists are notorious for chaotic work spaces (so I hear) but 2022 will be a friendlier time for staying organized because my focus will be on creating and not mass production.

Happy New Year… Join me and have a positive vision for 2022!


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